Monday, 20 October 2008

this is... my favourite film

Things have been a bit crazy in the Teacups-camp of late and I haven't had a chance to play along with "This is..." for a while, BUT I could not resist this week's topic from the delightful Hokey. Of course my favourite film is Amelie. When in Paris a few years back we visited the cafe where it was set. We tried our very best to not look like tourists and fit into the very cool french crowd... Somehow the camera flash going off when we were sneaking happy snaps soon gave us away.

Friday, 17 October 2008

a tweety tag

I've been tagged by the lovely Shellbells and ever-delightful Handmade Romance.  So here are 6 random tweet-delights about myself:

1.  I refuse to wear heels even though I'm a shortie.
2. I can't bite into icy poles.
3. Any conversation remotely scientific makes my eyes glaze over.
4. I firmly believe it is a man's job to take the bins out.
5. Mr Teacups doesn't agree with the above but does it for me anyway.
6. I have successfully taught Penny the puppy to "sit" and now have proof.

In other non-tag related news. I finally sat down to begin (and finish) my Birdcage Kit from this amazingly talented blogger AND a big, huge, ginormous thank you to Claire for awarding me my very first "Love Your Blog" award!

Monday, 13 October 2008

finally a finished crochet blanket

Yes it's true, I have finished a crochet blanket but unfortunately it is not my BIG crochet blanket. This one is baby sized for the beautiful Little Miss Bianca. The extent of my crocheting skills is limited to granny squares so this one is a giant sized granny at around a metre square. And I'm very happy to report that Bianca's mummy loved it but unfortunately the little miss was sleeping at the time.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Hello! My name is Penny Lane. I love nothing more than being cuddled by my new friends and family. I also like chewing up my toys and the odd shoe (when I can sneak past the big people). Like a good girl should, I demand lots of attention and have been the reason for Danielle's lack of blogging and crafty stuff in the past week. I don't mind though cause it means I am getting LOTS of puppy love!