Saturday, 11 December 2010

playing catch up

After spending a lovely afternoon catching up with this super lovely crafty-lady and her hubby, I feel all inspired to do my own bit of catching up in the teacups world. Mr Monkey has been finished for a couple of months now and is the secret to mummy getting up to a good three hours quiet time during the day. I'm very pleased to report that Little Mr Teacups has grown very fond of his little friend but I have been warned to make Mr Monkey the 2nd in case of emergency! Lucky for me there is enough fabric in the stash to do so, but finding the time... well that's another story.


ingrid said...

He is lovely and I adore his tie. What a fancy monkey he is.

Marisa Midori said...

So adorable. P.S. Really love the name of your blog.

handmade romance said...

oh yay you!! good to have you back and how cool is mr monkey, little mr teacups does seem very happy with him indeed : ) too cute! xx