Sunday, 29 May 2011

Are you a Clever Mamma?

Busy times have been had in the Teacups camp! Between a house move and usual mum/work stuff, I've just started a new exciting venture.

It's called Clever Mamma and is a way for all those super amazing mums who run their own small business (and a household!), to connect to each other. It started from my own business where I often needed to hire someone to help me out with various bits and bobs. I've found it hard to find someone like-minded who understood me, my business and my personal responsibilities, so I decided to start an online directory where mums like us could find each other and help each other out. I've met some amazing mums through my own clients and always found that when you understand each other the end product is always a success.

Clever Mamma has been about two years in the making but finally happening and so we'll see where it goes from here. Fingers and toes crossed!

PS: We are getting all Gen Y and even have a Facebook page too. Yippee for social networking!


Jodie said...

What an awesome idea ...I often wish i could find someone to help me with graphic type things - like labels or logos...but have no idea where to start - shall go and "like" you immediately...

Leni & Rose said...

This is FANTASTIC! As a business mum myself, this absolutely resonates. Yay, Danielle!!!! I'm off to sign up to the site.